Councils & Committees

Councils & Committees


The school is collaboratively governed by 3 main groups, the Faculty, the Parents, and the Charter Council; with Administration serving as the facilitating body.
CUSD is our charter granting agency, but they are not involved in our day-to-day school governance.

Charter Council (BOCC)
Our school is governed by a 7 member Charter Council with 3 parent representatives and 4 community members. The BOCC is the entity which is held accountable for the operations of the school.
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Advisory Committees

The Charter Council is supported by a variety of committees acting as advisory bodies to the BOCC. Parents, Faculty, Classified Staff, Charter Council, and Administration are represented or engaged in these committees.

1)  Finance Committee
Reviews all issues related to the budget and financial planning.
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2) Facilities Committee
Works on facility needs, allocation of Measure K funds and prepares the annual Facility Inspection required by California Department of Education.
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3) Charter Review Committee (CRC)
Tasked with ensuring Blue Oak is implementing the charter with integrity.
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Parent Council (BOPC)

The BOPC (or PC) is made up of parent representatives from each classroom, and 3 to 4 additional officers. The PC acts as the facilitating group for the whole parent body; helping to organize events, fundraising efforts and parent enrichment evenings.
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Waldorf Governance Council (WGC)

The WGC is made up of leadership from the Parent Council, the Faculty, and the BOCC.  The purpose of the WGC is to facilitate joint decision making among the three primary stakeholder groups.
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Student Council

Student Council is made up of middle school students and serves as the student government body.

Ad Hoc Committees/Teams

Other Committees, teams, or other collaborative groups, are developed on an as-need basis.