Councils + Committees

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Charter Council
2018-19 meetings are every 3rd Tuesday at 6 pm

The Charter Council is the entity which is held accountable for the operations of the school. It is the responsibility of the Charter Council to develop policies and put them in writing, so they serve as guidelines and goals for the successful and efficient functioning of the school.
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Parent Council
2018-19 meetings are every 1st Tuesday at 6 pmThe Parent Council (PC) is the facilitating body for all parents. The Council serves as the leadership team for the parents; supporting community events, parent enrichment, and fundraising.  Meetings are a forum for discussion, focused on matters concerning the health of the community and culture of the Blue Oak School.
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Board Committees are developed to work on a specific topic which requires ongoing work.  Each committee is comprised of at least one representative from each stakeholder group in our community.   Each committee can have up to seven voting parents. If you are interested in joining one of these working groups, we encourage you to check out one of their meetings and contact the Committee Chairperson.

Facilities Committee

2018-19 meetings are every 4th Tuesday at 4:30 pm

The focus of the Facilities committee is to evaluate the safety and maintenance needs of our facility.
Chairperson: Monica McDaniel,


Finance Committee

2018-19 meetings are every 2nd Tuesday at 4 pm
The focus of the Finance Committee is to review how monies are allocated within our school and to advise the board on these decisions.
Chairperson: Chelsea Parker,

Site Council

2018-19 Meetings are every 5th Tuesday at 4 pm
(only 3 meetings total for the school year)

The focus of the School Site Council is oversight of Student Achievement and to advise our the board on Student Achievement and the use of Title 1 funds.  They review test scores, demographics, ELD,  professional development, and parent community engagement.
Contact: Susan Domenghini,