Materials Donation

Our Annual Giving Campaign will run through September 30th.
During this period we hope to raise $25,000 towards our materials costs.
Please give what you can during this campaign.

Our Waldorf curriculum requires specialized natural materials for the children to work with. These materials include main lesson books, wool and cotton yarn, beeswax crayons and modeling wax, watercolor paints, top quality paint brushes and paper, and healthy snacks for our Kindergarten program.

Your “materials donations” are needed to help us purchase and provide these materials. The good news, we have improved our re-use and ordering procedures and we have been able to reduce our overall materials expenses, which has reduced the average cost per student down to approximately $150, a $50 savings from previous years!

If you can, please consider granting an additional amount to help sponsor another student, so we can continue our work providing a Waldorf inspired education to all children.