Parent Resources

Parent Resources

CARD After School Program

Chico Area Recreation & Park District (CARD) will be offering an After School Program at Blue Oak again this 2022-2023 school year! CARD will operate on Blue Oak campus for Kindergarten through 5th Grades. You can find more details regarding what to bring, registration fees, and the sign up page by clicking on the button below: 

Nutrition Services

Our current meal services are provided through Chico Unified School District. Currently, all meals being served are free for all students.

For more information about CUSD Nutrition Services including the current student menu, please click on the link below:

Class field trips are an important part of our curriculum. They strengthen connections and a sense of community in the classrooms; among the kids and the adults. We are continually working on improving the extensive process that goes into these field-trips. Here are some of the need to know requirements that are consistent for each and every field-trip:

  • Permission Slips – All permission slips are to be signed an returned to the classroom teacher directly.
  • Payments – All payments should be made at the front desk or on the website. Cash, Checks or Cards are accepted.  To make a field trip contribution now, click on the Donations tab found under the sites main navigation.
  • Live Scan Clearance, Driver’s License, and Auto Insurance – All drivers must have a fingerprint clearance on file, and a current License and Insurance on file with the front desk.
  • Medications – The above “Authorization for Medication” form needs to be downloaded and completed or picked up at the front desk. Upon completion, this document needs to be dropped off at the front desk, sent to Kayla Mahanay (Health Aide), or emailed to For any questions regarding medication, please contact Kayla Mahanay (Health Aide) at

Thank you for your interest in raising funds to support Blue Oak! Please let us know how we can help you. All Fundraising activities must be approved by Administration in writing. Participants must comply with our fiscal procedures when collecting money on behalf of the school.

Fundraising activities are defined as any activity which involves collecting funds to benefit Blue Oak School.

Some examples:

  • Classroom fundraising events; single or recurring
  • All school fundraising events; single or recurring
  • Online fundraisers such as Donors Choose, Go-Fund-Me, etc.

To submit your fundraising ideas please complete the “Fundraiser Application” found under the Forms and Resources section above and submit it to the front desk. Applicants will be contacted once their application has been processed.

Where will the money go?

We have identified 3 giving baskets. If you are hosting a fundraiser, you simply need to identify which basket you are raising money for.

1. Whole School > Annual Giving > Materials
2. Classrooms > Field Trip funds
3. Parent Council Fund > Waldorf specialties & special projects

If you are interested in making a donation yourself or would like to inform others how and where to make a donation, please visit our Donations page by visiting:

Now that our school board has voted to change our current COVID policy, all Blue Oak parents are allowed back on campus regardless of vaccination status. With this in mind, we’d like to welcome you back to campus with the following information.

How to Get Started:

  • To volunteer on campus we require a Live Scan. To do so, pick up a Live Scan Form from the Front Desk and use the link below to find a Live Scan location near you. If you are unsure if you have completed a Live Scan for Blue Oak, please reach out to Alex Archer.
  • To volunteer on a field trip we require a copy of your Driver’s License and a copy of your insurance as well as a Live Scan.
  • On the day you arrive to campus to volunteer, please check in with the Front Desk to receive a volunteer badge.

Ways to Volunteer:

  • Events (planning, setup, facilitating, cleanup)
  • In the classroom – grade level or specialty (material prep, special lesson/celebration/showcase, etc.)
  • Field trips (day trips, walking field trips, overnight field trips, etc.)
  • Middle school dances (ticket sales, chaperones, setup/cleanup)
  • Host a class or school-wide fundraiser (box dinners, bake sales, concession stand, photo booth, etc.)
  • Parent Council and/or Garden Club

The Importance of Volunteering:

A message from our Executive Director:

The single most important factor in the success of a child’s education is the parent. Volunteering in the classroom, at school events, or helping at home to support school needs shows your student their education is important to you. Children whose parents are involved in their schools do better in terms of grades, behavior, attendance, and testing.

Volunteering helps to build your relationship with your student’s teacher and school staff. Time in the classroom helps you better understand the daily routines and expectations and allows you to see your child in the school environment. It builds community; giving you a better opportunity to meet other parents and the students your child spends the day with. 

If you choose to volunteer at Blue Oak, do not try to fill every need of the school. Be realistic, find the opportunity that works for you, and say no when you need to.

If you have a question or concern, take the following steps first for resolution or understanding:

1) First, bring your concerns/questions to the appropriate personnel such as your classroom teacher, specialty teacher, facility or front office staff.

2) If the concern was not resolved, then bring it to administration to schedule a meeting time for a discussion.

3) Your final option, is to bring your concerns/questions to the Board Chair or other board member, only after you have talked with your classroom teacher and Executive Director, to get a clear understanding of when/how your concern will be addressed. The Board Chair or other board member will communicate with the administrator and may ask that the item be placed on the agenda for open review. Or you can bring your concern/question to the open session of the board.

4) If the issue has not been resolved after steps 1-3 file a formal Uniform Complaint Form should be completed. The link to this form can be found above under Forms and Resources.


ParentSquare is a communication and organization tool designed to keep parents informed and involved in their children’s learning and school activities. It serves as our main messaging platform to distribute information out from our Blue Oak Teachers and Staff to our Blue Oak Parents. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent, using their preferred email address and phone number when you are first enrolled.

We encourage all parents to set up their accounts, download the mobile app, and update their preferences on when and how they are notified. We promise to only send you information closely related to school. You can opt-out at any time.

With ParentSquare you can:

  • Receive messages from the school via email, text or app notification 
  • Choose to receive information as it comes or all at once at 6pm daily
  • Communicate in your preferred language
  • Comment on school postings to engage in your school community
  • Direct message teachers and staff
  • Participate in group messages
  • Sign up for parent-teacher conferences with smart online technology
  • Receive report cards, sign up to volunteer and more all from your phone or web portal
  • Log your Volunteer Hours monthly
  • Share photos privately

If you are new to ParentSquare, have questions about how to use this platform, or want to learn more, please click on the link below:

North State Parent is a monthly publication that covers parenting issues, family matters on education, health tips, recipes and more; specifically aimed at the North State region of California. Click on the logo above to browse childcare options, special needs resources, etc. You can also find a hard copy of the latest North State Parent publication in the Blue Oak front office.

Faculty Share Slideshows

For every Parent Council and Blue Oak Charter Council meeting, our faculty members compile a quick review of what our Blue Oak teachers have been working on in their classes over the past few weeks. Click on each icon to view the corresponding slideshows from the last few months: