Executive Director’s Report

October 2019

Favorite Moments!

The Favorite Moment email strings are continuing. I will share a few of them.


My favorite moment was today in Riley’s class watching the students make bread. When a chunk of dough fell on the floor the decision was collectively made to throw it in the garbage and not add it to the ball of dough.  I was very relieved by this as they often share their bread with me. Way to go! They were a great team.


My favorite moment was our Friday soup day! We wanted to have kindergarten soup…but sixth-grade style 🙂 My class families went all out and made homemade garlic bread and focaccia bread! Making the soup with my class was really special and trying to figure out a fancy Instant Pot crockpot was an adventure! It was the coziest day 

Other News

Fall field trips, Book Family Farms for 1st grade, pumpkin patch and others

Lots of effort into the back office choice, thank you, everyone

CUSD reports complete

HVAC’s in

Aeries Portal open this week

New photocopier in

Tess improving our Social Media

Spirit Week

Donations coming in 

Academic Probation

Homework Policy

NSP article look for it in December 

59 word Winners in News and Review see our Facebook page for the link

Safety Committee meets next week

CAASPP test scores have been reviewed with Chico Unified and are positive