Vision and Philosophy


To be a model for the successful education of the whole child. 


To nurture and deepen each child’s academic and creative capacities using methods inspired by Waldorf education in a public school setting. 

The Primary Goals of Blue Oak are:

⦁ To inspire children to grow and learn by using a developmentally based Blue Oak Schoolcurriculum, active learning, integration of the arts, and rigorous academic instruction that aligns with state standards.

⦁ To prepare children for active and ethical citizenship by using instruction that measures and guides critical thinking, self-awareness, intellectual curiosity, creative imagination, and social responsibility.

⦁ To enable each student to demonstrate proficiency in English-Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social sciences.

⦁ To ensure a comprehensive and complete education for students in each year of enrollment, such that students who leave Blue Oak will be well prepared to attend any school they choose and students who join Blue Oak at any grade level will be welcomed and supported in their transition into our program.

⦁ To prepare students to transition into High School, as creative and engaged adolescents.

⦁ To develop a lifelong love of learning by honoring daily and seasonal rhythms and by teaching subject matter when children are at the appropriate developmental stage for learning.

⦁ To enable pupils to become or remain self-motivated, competent and lifelong learners.

⦁ To attract, develop, and retain highly-effective, adaptable faculty, staff, and administrators

⦁ To foster a strong community of parents, teachers, and staff, who collaborate to create a supportive and healthy Blue Oak School learning environment.