Vision and Philosophy

Vision: To be a model for successful education of the whole child.
Mission: To nurture and deepen each child’s academic and creative capacities using methods inspired by Waldorf education in a public school setting.
LCAP Goal Summary: Build the parent community, support success for all students, prepare students for high school

Blue Oak School

We envision a school that…

  • Provides a model for successful education of the whole child.
  • Provides an educational experience that follows the natural development of the child while recognizing their uniqueness.
  • Emphasizes the skills of problem solving, independent thinking and intellectual curiosity.
  • Provides an artistic and stimulating approach to all subjects.
  • Cultivates a sense of beauty, wonder and deep respect for the natural world.
  • Imparts an appreciation for different cultures through a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Affirms that the intelligence and imagination of the young child is best developed without the use of technology.
  • Provides second language learning starting in First grade.
  • Brings the joy of music which enhances cognitive development.
  • Enriches our community with seasonal programs.
  • Encourages cooperation, not competition.