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Stay Informed

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One Call Now
“One Call Now” is our school’s communication system. It allows the school send out messages to all parents at one time, either through an email or phone call.

The school occasionally sends a phone message and/or an email notification to parents using this system to remind them of important upcoming events. This system can also be used to for emergencies.

If you find that you are not receiving all school phone announcements or email announcements, please check in with the front desk immediately to make sure that your contact information is current and/or correct.

On Campus Signage
Keep an eye out for bulletin boards, sandwich boards, and banners around school for reminders about upcoming events and important dates/times. There is always a current list of upcoming events on a large chalkboard in our front office lobby area.

Teacher Emails
Each teacher will send out important information via email to their classroom families. If you are not receiving emails from your child’s teacher, please check in with them to make sure your name is on their parent email list.

Cubbies and File Folders
Many classrooms have cubbies and/or file folders designated for each student. Please check those areas periodically for your child’s work or important announcements/documents.

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