Waldorf Inspired K-5 Homeschool Program

We are excited to announce the opening of our new, Waldorf Inspired, K-5 homeschool program! Classes will begin November 13th under the direction of Jacob Carr, an experienced Blue Oak Waldorf teacher. If you are interested in enrolling a student please contact our registrar, Maggie Buckley, at 530-879-7483 ext. 2037.


About Jacob:

Jacob Carr lives with his wife and three children in Chico, California, USA.  He teaches at Blue Oak School, a public Waldorf charter school.  There, he has served as the specialty music teacher, a classroom teacher, worked in school-wide curriculum development and held several leadership positions.  He maintains state recognized teaching credentials, and also received his Waldorf Teacher Training, as well as a Master’s Degree in Education, from Rudolf Steiner College, focussing on research-based methods of teaching western music notation and the recorder.  His recorder method is used internationally by homeschooler parents and classroom teachers in a variety of settings. Outside of the classroom, he mentors teachers across the world in Waldorf education, even having traveled to India to lead professional development workshops. He enjoys blogging about his teaching at www.mrcarrontheweb.com, and is excited to develop further develop his craft across the grades.  In his spare time, he enjoys immersing himself in Nature through artistic observation and backpacking or even a simple evening at home. 

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