Our History

The idea of the school began in 1998 with a group of community members, including Kindergarten Teacher Susan Whittlesey.

During the years that followed, the school’s charter was drafted and submitted to the Butte County Office of Education. Our charter was approved in August of 2001 by the Butte County Office of Education and the Blue Oak Charter School was born!

In our first year we consisted of one class of Kindergartners, Teacher Susan, an aide, a part-time director and the Charter Council. Each year, our school has seen one additional grade added and our staff has grown. In 2006-2007, we added a second Kindergarten to accommodate the demand. In 2009, Blue Oak answered the community’s demand for Public Waldorf Education by adding even two more Kindergarten classes and an additional class in grades 1-3. To accommodate these changes, we moved to our current campus located at 450 W. East Ave. The summer of 2010 witnessed the first graduating class of Blue Oak students from 8th grade, many of whom had attended from their first day of Kindergarten with Teacher Susan.

Blue Oak School is now serving our local community from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade with over 375 children. We have 3 Kindergarten classrooms and 2 classrooms for 1st-8th Grade.