Thank you for your interest in raising funds to support Blue Oak! Please let us know how we can help you.
All Fundraising activities must be approved by Administration in writing. Participants must comply with our fiscal procedures when collecting money on behalf of the school.

Fundraising activities are defined as any activity which involves collecting funds to benefit Blue Oak School.
 Some examples:

  • Classroom fundraising events; single or recurring
  • All school fundraising events; single or recurring
  • Online fundraisers such as Donors Choose, Go-fund-me, etc.

To submit your fundraising ideas please complete the Fundraiser Application and submit to the front desk.  Applicants will be contacted by the Parent/Community Liaison once their application has been processed. (form is available by hardcopy or through Google forms)

Where will the money go?
We have identified 3 giving baskets.
If you are hosting a fundraiser, you simply need to identify which Basket you are raising money for.

1. Whole School > Annual Giving > Materials
2. Classrooms > Field Trip funds
3. Parent Council Fund > Waldorf specialties & special projects