Field Trips – Volunteer Requirements

  • Driver’s License
  • Auto. Insurance
  • D.O.J. Clearance (Live Scan)

Driver’s License

We need a copy of a current Driver’s License for any volunteer who will be driving children in addition to their own.

Auto. Insurance

We need a copy of a current Auto Insurance policy – specifically the DECLARATIONS PAGE, showing the coverage amounts.
Each volunteer driver must have the following minimum amounts:

– Bodily Injury: $100,000 (per person), $300,000 (per accident)

– Property Damage: $50,000 (per accident)

D.O.J. Clearance

All adults going on a school field-trip must have a D.O.J. clearance on file with Blue Oak School.  Clearances done previously at another business or organization, are not transferable. To initiate this, first pick up the order form at reception “REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN”.  You will need this form when you go to get your fingerprints run.

> We recommend the Chico State Police Station for their Live Scan services. Located at the Information Center on the corner of W. 2nd and Normal Streets, Chico California. The cost of doing the Live Scan process is the responsibility of each volunteer. The total expense is $52.00.  If this expense will keep you from volunteering please reach out to our Parent/Community Liaison to discuss your options.  Once we have a clearance on file this step will not need to be done again.

* ALL DOCUMENTS need to be delivered to the front office.
*Insurance companies will fax your declarations page to us directly
Fax # 530-879-7490 or they can email them to