Children’s Play

Blue Oak Kindergarten Sandbox

Kindergarteners getting creative in the sandbox

In the Kindergarten program, we strive to offer many opportunities for creative play. We feel, and research supports, that creative playtime builds a strong foundation for expansive learning and critical thinking that will unfold in the upper grades. Play builds cognitive skills, including literacy, retention, and oral language. Social skills, self regulation, focus, imagination, problem solving skills, and more are all developed through the use of creative play.

Creating a healthy play environment has many aspects to consider. The child needs to be able to explore and connect with their physical and social environments, test the limits, and be watched with a calm, loving, and sometimes guiding presence to keep them safe. A child needs to be free to engage in the world in their own way.

Given ample opportunities for creative playtime, children are able to develop their senses: touch, movement, balance, as well as physical strength and capacities. They also learn about themselves and others.