Charter Council Elections

Charter Council Elections

The 2019 Charter Council Elections will take place May 28 through the 31st. We will be accepting applications from Community Members from April 15th through May 15th.

To qualify for a Community seat, you may not have a child, stepchild, or child of a partner/significant other who is enrolled at Blue Oak School.  Grandparents can serve as a Community board member.

– Attending monthly meetings, currently held on every third Monday of each month at 6 pm
– Attend occasional special session meetings as needed
– Review supplemental materials before each meeting
– Become familiar with our School Charter, Charter Council By-laws, and school policies
– Attend a School Tour as soon as possible (you may do this before you apply as well)
– Contribute to committee work and leadership, in collaboration with all stakeholders
– Become familiar with the Brown Act, Robert’s’ Rules of Order, the board’s Code of Ethics, and attend scheduled board training

Primary Work of the Charter Council
– Fiscal Oversight
– Ensuring that the school’s academic programs are successful
– Evaluation of the Executive Director  and approving the hiring and termination of staff
– Creating, serving on, and appointing members to necessary committees
– Adopting policies that further clarify and assist in maintaining the Blue Oak mission and educational programs

Application: Charter Council Application 2019

Questions?, call 530-879-7483 ext 2006