Charter Council Elections

Charter Council Elections

The Charter Council Elections take place in May each year.

To qualify for a Community seat, you may not have a child, stepchild, or child of a partner/significant other who is enrolled at Blue Oak School.  Grandparents can serve as a Community board member.

– Attending monthly meetings, currently held on every third Monday of each month at 6 pm
– Attend occasional special session meetings as needed
– Review supplemental materials before each meeting
– Become familiar with our School Charter, Charter Council By-laws, and school policies
– Attend a School Tour as soon as possible (you may do this before you apply as well)
– Contribute to committee work and leadership, in collaboration with all stakeholders
– Become familiar with the Brown Act, Robert’s’ Rules of Order, the board’s Code of Ethics, and attend scheduled board training

Primary Work of the Charter Council
– Fiscal Oversight
– Ensuring that the school’s academic programs are successful
– Evaluation of the Executive Director  and approving the hiring and termination of staff
– Creating, serving on, and appointing members to necessary committees
– Adopting policies that further clarify and assist in maintaining the Blue Oak mission and educational programs

Application: Charter Council Application

Questions?, call 530-879-7483 ext 2006