Behavior Management

Behavior Expectations – 5 Virtues

Waldorf includes the importance of virtues in building the strength of the community.
Our faculty has worked together to choose five virtues to act as pillars to hold structure around our behavior expectations for our students.

The matrix below connects our behavior expectations to the chosen virtues; Reverence, Courage, Friendships, Wisdom, and Compassion.

Behavior Matrix -working draft 2018.


We strive for clarity in our behavior expectations. We look to the Nurtured Heart Approach® for inspiration and strategies as we respond to student behavior. We encourage parents to learn more about the Nurtured Heart Approach®. You can find information online at

Referral Process

Students sometimes need correction.  We have identified 3 Levels of referrals and the behavior offenses which align with them. If a referral notice is sent home, please sign it and return.

A Level 1 Referral is addressed verbally by the staff member who has witnessed one of the below offenses:

  • Name Calling
  • Running in the Halls
  • Being Disrespectful
  • Being Dishonest
  • Not Staying in Seat
  • Shouting Out
  • Not Raising Hand
  • Being Off Task
  • Excluding Others
  • Rumors
  • Being Disruptive (infringing on other’s learning)
  • Arguing
  • Refusing to follow requests
  • Wandering Classroom
    > If any of these offenses are repeated 3 consecutive times in one time period, it will then be considered a Level 2 offense and a Level 2 referral will be written.

A Level 2 is addressed with a written referral notice completed by the staff member who has witnessed one of the below offenses:

  • Telling untruths to avoid responsibilities or consequence
  • Deliberate attempt to deceive
  • Profane/Obscene language
  • Verbal Aggression
  • Cheating
  • Stealing from others
  • Throwing or shoving materials or furniture to the floor (isolated incident, 1 time)
    > If a
    ny of the above listed behaviors that are repeated 3 consecutive times in a day, it will then be considered a Level 3 offense

A Level 3 is addressed by the Administration.  A written referral notice is completed by the staff member who has witnessed one of the below offenses:

  • Rough  Play
  • Behavior intended to bring harm to themselves or others
  • Fighting/Kicking/Hitting/Biting/Spitting
  • Throwing or shoving furniture or school property repetitively to the ground or at someone
  • Stealing from school property or teacher or anything of monetary value
  • Vandalism – Altering, defacing, or destroying other’s/school property
  • Verbal or written threats of physical or emotional harm
  • Malicious teasing/taunting/spreading rumors with the intent to embarrass others or cause fear
  • An illegal act that break California Law (drugs, alcohol, weapons, physical assault, sexual harassment)
    A level three referral does not mean an automatic suspension.  Staff and administration collaborate to determine the most appropriate consequence